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About Bishop Adell and

Dr. EnoAbasi

(Jurisdictional Bishop and

Program Administrator)

Dr. Adell Whitenburg is the Spiritual Father and Overseer to several ministries throughout the United States. He is the International Apostle for the Lord's Ladies and Daughters of Destiny International, Inc. and is a member of the Executive Board of the Conference of International Christian Ministries. Bishop Adell is the Jurisdictional Bishop for the Southwest Region of the United States for the Council of International Christian Bishops and Dr. EnoAbasi is their Vicar General.

In December of 2002, after Pastoring for seventeen years, Bishop Adell and his wife, Dr. EnoAbasi (Sybil), left their thriving church and embarked on a journey that had been hidden in God before the foundation of the world. All they knew was that God said, "Go in peace, your journey has the Lord's approval."

Then pleased it the apostles and elders with the whole church, to send chosen men of their own company to Antioch... (Acts 15:22a)

The ministry of Bishop Adell and Dr. EnoAbasi is governed by a quest for excellence, undaunting determination to please God and love for the saved, unsaved, the unchurched and the unlearned. They travel extensively throughout the world and specialize in teaching Church Government, The Authority of the Believer, Righteousness, Family Rules and Roles, the Foundation Principles of the Word of God, Church History and This Great Salvation.

Ministry to the hopeless and hurting survivors of hurricanes Katrina and Rita has become their passion because God equipped and called them for such a time as this. Bishop Adell is the author of the books, "God Didn't Do It!" and "Understanding Your World Through the Word of God".


About New Covenant Faith and Miracle Arena

The mission of New Covenant Faith and Miracle Arena is to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, serve the oppressed, comfort the hurting, and meet needs wherever we find them. Since our inception in 1986, New Covenant Faith and Miracle Arena has established missions and relief programs in India, Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda, London, Ghana, Kenya, Brussels and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In October of 2005 when Hurricane Katrina made her devastating attack, the Gulf Coast became our newest mission field. In October 2005 New Covenant Faith and Miracle Arena sent Bishop Adell and Dr. EnoAbasi as missionaries from our headquarters in New York to meet needs, serve and empower people to return to positions of self sufficiency.



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