New Covenant



About New Covenant Faith and Miracle Arena

The mission of New Covenant Faith and Miracle Arena is to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, serve the oppressed, comfort the hurting, and meet needs wherever we find them. Since our inception in 1986, New Covenant Faith and Miracle Arena has established missions and relief programs in India, Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda, London, Ghana, Kenya, Brussels and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In October of 2005 when Hurricane Katrina made her devastating attack, the Gulf Coast became our newest mission field. In October 2005 New Covenant Faith and Miracle Arena sent Bishop Adell and Dr. EnoAbasi as missionaries from our headquarters in New York to meet needs, serve and empower people to return to positions of self sufficiency.

Historical Perspective


When they began Word of Life World Outreach Ministries Bishop Adell and Dr. EnoAbasi had their Sunday morning services in the Community Center building. Although services began at 11:00 a.m. members had to get to the site at least by 7:00 armed with mops, bleach, room deodorant, etc. Why? Because they had no way of knowing what condition the building would be in. More often than not there would have been a secular gathering the night before and the building would need to be cleaned and disinfected. It would have an almost unbearable smell of stale beer and cigarettes.

The Solution


Thinking on this experience Bishop Adell and Dr. EnoAbasi decided to do something to make certain that ministers, with whom they work, would not have to experience this. Also, because they believe ministers should work together to help one another move successfully beyond their embryonic stages in ministry. 

Under the umbrella of Covenant Ministries a place was leased in the Firetower Plaza shopping Center. The space was painted, remodeled and converted into a sanctuary suitable for 75 to 100 people. The building, “Covenant Ministries Word and Worship Center”, is now available to any ministry with whom they are in a covenant relationship.

The Vision


Ministries, with whom Drs. Whitenburg are in covenant, can use the building for Prayer Meetings, Bible Studies, Ministry, Worship Services, Conferences, and even Weddings. 


To schedule use of the building covenant partners call 228-255-4435