Transformational Evangelism Training


T. E. T.

“He who winneth souls is wise.” Proverbs 11:30

This program is designed to benefit all ministries, ministers and wise men and women. We believe “minister” is not who we are; it is what we do. God is strategically placing His people throughout the world to be spokespersons for Him in times of trouble. We must be ready to speak for Him and speak of Him wherever we find ourselves. We must prepare ourselves to be 21st Century men of Issachar, who know what the people ought to do. Classes prepare students for this reality.

The methodology and impact of Transformational Evangelism is revolutionary. It is not impotent or apathetic. In these perilous times it is not enough to approach a sinner saying only, “God loves you”. While this is good to know, we must approach with confidence, faith, a plan and the Word of God.

God has given His Church weapons that must be used to combat present day levels of violence. Satanic manipulation and secular humanism which are paralyzing mankind. We must know ourselves in the Lord and realize we are well equipped to snatch people out of the grips of sin (and satan) and show them a far better way.

The benefits of salvation and the power of the Holy Spirit will be reviewed. Evangelism will be explained in such a way as to encourage students to stop viewing evangelism as something to fear and shy away from. Instead, they will begin to see evangelism as an essential activity in the lives of believers.

We are asking every ministry to send representatives, or schedule on site classes for their members. They will receive information and handouts that they may feel free to duplicate and use. With Pastoral approval we pray every ministry will develop an ongoing T. E. T. program.

Students will be encouraged to apply what they learn and to take what they learn back to their places of worship so that the program can be replicated and expanded. The goal of the program is to bring more people to Christ (general goal) and to increase Church membership (specific goal). 

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